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While studying at The Conservatorium of Music I met my band members and created a sound with them infusing my trance like vocals with syncopated reggae rhythms, psychedelic tones and a dreamy atmospheric to place people in a moment of time with us as we perform.

Jake Fox



I started writing many years ago as I found comfort relating to artists with deep and powerful lyrical content shared through music. It then also turned out to be a way for me to express all the things I was thinking very deeply about; The layers of time, the essence of life and the way the mind works. I was always intrigued by amazing lyricists that accentuated different ways of thinking through songwriting. 


Through the years I studied music, psychology and philosophy as well as adventuring to many amazing parts of the world soaking in as many cultures as possible. I love to travel and believe it gives the mental tools and mindfulness needed to create new thoughts and ideas. 

My style of writing is to let go of reality and hold an adventurous wonderlust to the songs I write. I try to paint a dream world that my mind creates from imagination and perception and show people this place. While performing live I want to leave listeners feeling like they are sitting at the foreshore of a sunset contemplating the constructs of love, loss and time.


If you would like to connect with me and the band you can follow my social pages and message me here. I will be travelling a lot now but I will be playing some new shows and producing new music very soon.


Tidal Motion

Recorded In // AUS



Indie, Alternative, Dreamy Folk


Elliott Hahn, Shoota Tanahashi, Niall Mcdicken, Luke Pauley, Liv Dennis, Taylor Duggan



Jake Fox, Niall Mcdicken


Luke Pauley


Independently Realeased//

Distant Echoes

Distant Echoes

A short story written by Jake Fox

E.P coming 2020

1. The Architect Of Dreams

2. A Memory In Motion

3. In The Midst

4. Midnight

5. To Sail Across The Sun




Only Time//

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 For Download//

Stage Plot


The Jake Fox Band Stage Plot

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Music Management//

Jake : jakefoxmusic@gmail.com

Jake Fox Solo Stage Plot

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